Partner-led solution engineering everytime


Weil & Jones is a New York based technology services firm whose solution engineering and implementations are a catalyst to evolve business functions.

We work with organizations to help unlock the value that digital platforms, products and programs can deliver.

We are relied upon to take a deep dive into ideas and programs in order to engineer, deliver and manage solutions that produce significant gains in existing operations or opens the door to new revenue generating and operational opportunities.

We provide insights, reformulate workflow models, apply technologies and dedicate technical resources in order to implement products or programs that allow companies to achieve superior corporate performance.

The relationships we develop with our clients melds well with internal teams and transition to internal teams easily when the time is right.

Our methodology applies across various industries. Our current engagements are in finance, business consultancy, non-profit and consumer packaged goods. We have many long standing relationships with partners & clients in New York, across the United States and overseas. 


Anthony C. Jones

Besides Anthony’s reputation for being dependable, straight-forward and trustworthy, from the start of his career he has always been able to successfully marry business and technology. He continues to enjoy bringing practical, results-oriented insights to high-value business initiatives and applying his technical knowledge to execute creatively and efficiently.

At Weil & Jones, as a business minded technologist Anthony advises clients as to how the relationships between technology and business are indistinguishable and the critical ingredients that need to be employed to create impact. Anthony also actively works with business-side managers to guide agile technical teams to help shape their businesses through technology. On a daily basis Anthony shares his insights related to initiative validation, business model options, hypotheses modeling, solution engineering, technical execution and program management.

Anthony’s has an MBA in Finance from Pace University, 10+ years of experience in information technology and finance respectively. He has worked effectively both with business and technology professionals and has supported successful long-term relationships across many clients throughout his career.

David D. Weil

David is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the IT services industry.
As the founder of the pioneering web branding agency Egomedia, David’s creative leadership has globally influenced numerous web-developers/designers and earned him top accolades, most notably a Golden Lion & Clio.

Recognizing a trend for businesses to retain agile on-shore IT services, David co-founded Weil&Jones with a focus on providing companies with Thought Leadership by leveraging his extensive experience in defining/optimizing system architectures and efficiently managing IT-development cycles. David is a strong advocate for agile and bleeding-edge technologies and as such has developed/architected numerous cutting-edge applications ranging from Web to Mobile to Enterprise.

David’s strong business acumen paired with his technical skills makes him an invaluable asset in servicing Weil&Jones’s clients.