Delivering thoughtful technology services
for results-driven programs


Companies need to accelerate their progress by investing wisely and evolving in order to better position themselves and keep pace with industry opportunities.  Weil & Jones’ evaluative fact-driven approach helps determine solutions which act as catalysts to greater business performance. Through diagnosis and validation we quickly and economically assist in creating product and program initiatives that reduce execution risk and opportunity cost.

  • Analysis & Validation 
  • Re-framing Strategies & Models
  • Business Model Recommendations
  • Execution Options

Business Model Design

The bulk of a company's efforts are focused on driving continued growth in their core business leaving less time to innovate on existing models. The bigger the business, the bigger the effort required to sustain growth. Therefore our business analysts and technology engineers listen closely to our clients and craft solutions to meet their vision and then we take on the heavy lifting.  Modeling solutions that drive future performance through the creation of custom software built upon existing infrastructure, leading technologies and cloud based services.

  • Business Process Modeling
  • Solution Engineering
  • Software Selection

Visual Design Services

Before a single line of code is written we integrate your goals and priorities at the conceptual level. Planning, testing and an overall commitment to creating a product that addresses its users’ real needs leads to greater profitability over time and a clearer path to growing your business.

In everything we do, we turn insightful research into solutions for the problems, information gaps and workflow inefficiencies that cost you money.

Most importantly, we work closely with you to identify key performance indicators at all stages of the process, from wireframe and information architecture development to UI design, front-end coding and ongoing integration support.

  • Branding
  • Research
  • IA & Wireframes
  • Usability Testing
  • UI Design

Data & Analytics

The most valuable commodity we know of is information but data analysis in real life is messy. We help determine what is important to measure, determine relevant benchmarks and construct end-to-end models to track key data-points and drive high quality decision-making.

  • Data Modeling, Assembly & Accuracy Testing
  • Data Collection & Data Integration
  • Analytics Setup & Configuration
  • Data Visualization & Custom reporting

Development & Integration

The strategic imperative for companies intent on long-term evolution is to move forward quickly with a proven team, while developing their own resources. Through a collaborative, systematic approach, we take care of the technical challenge so completely that our clients can focus on growing their businesses. We leverage our technical personnel to compliment internal teams or operate as an external resource to build and support social, web, mobile and cloud initiatives. Executing with quick turn-around times and cost efficiency.

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Server Side Development
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS 
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud
  • Third Party Integration
  • Legacy Migrations
  • Database Design
  • Big Data

Program Management & Support

If you don't manage a project effectively to its conclusion, it's pointless to do a thorough job of planning and initiating it in the first place.  It is frustrating when your project lacks the right number of skilled people, which is all too common today.  Our work with organizations is meant to provide a catalyst to evolve their businesses. We commit internal and external program management personnel or teams to assure projects are taken effectively to their conclusion.

  • Development Program & Project Management Support
  • Outbound Marketing Program Support
  • Data Science Program Support
  • Social Media Program Support
  • SEO Program Support