Looking to Improve Your Business Effectiveness? Invest Your SMB’s Tax Benefits Into These Strategies

5/16/2018 1:41:56 PM | By Anthony Jones

Gain deeper insights into your business

This tax season small to medium-sized businesses had to navigate the recently passed Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Some companies may have been able to qualify for that elusive 20 percent tax break outlined in the bill, but most had to meticulously unearth every possible deduction. Should they succeed in obtaining a sizeable tax benefit, small to medium-sized businesses then face a critical, potentially business-changing decision: how to invest that tax benefit.

At Weil & Jones, we believe that one of the most overlooked, yet most important investments most businesses can make is in their own effectiveness. We specialize in engineering and implementing digital solutions that put your organization in a position to operate more effectively. Whether it is rethinking business operations, assessing sales and marketing programs or developing new business opportunities. We’ve outlined the strategies that our firm specifically recommends for improving effectiveness in small to medium-sized businesses.

Get an X-Ray Assessment

X-ray assessments are conducted to give your business a different perspective on the how and why. When understanding a process and more importantly why and why aren’t those processes delivering an appropriate level of value or meeting a consumer or organizational expectation. We then optionally follow on with a deep-dive phase and an alpha performance recommendation if desired. Weil & Jones’ various X-Ray assessments generally dig into four major areas:

Leverage technical experts

Regardless of the types of goals you have in mind, the desired impact for any goal you set is to grow your business. You need experts in many areas to make this a reality – especially experts in the technical area. Third-party integrations can give you access to technical personnel that operate as an external resource as you work towards your goals. By leveraging the expertise provided by these types of experts, you can gain a competitive edge for your technology-driven initiatives.

Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

We conduct business model evaluations, review your KPIs and existing acquisition and retention strategies to determine where programs or processes could be affecting your business from consistently reaching goal in one or all areas: sales, marketing, customer service. The goal is to identify areas of weakness, gaps in performance or capabilities which don’t exist.

Deployment and Delivery

Our team is focused on determining to what degree your current ability to respond to your customers meet your goals. Customer support, dispute resolution, fulfillment, etc. are evaluated to determine where and how improvements can be made. A few of the areas we evaluate are business models, software selection, data availability and business process.

Data and Analytics

This initial assessment undertakes an investigation into the data your business collects, how it is being used currently and how usable it is – meaning, are you deriving the value you can? The next stage would be a ‘deep dive’ identifying the specific challenges to accessing and assembling data from disparate sources, make software, process and team recommendations. Our assessment staff can then leverage that new capability, implement models to gain informed insights and offer ways to utilize those insights in day to day business cases to increase revenue, customer retention or realize other performance goals.

Technology Infrastructure

This assessment is not only a technical review for efficiency but is assessed from the point of view - how is the infrastructure currently serving or diminishing the performance of the business. In worse case scenarios: crashes, hacks, data loss and slow uploads, hundreds — if not thousands — of hours are wasted on labor each year due to out-of-date content management systems, customer relationship management software, on-site servers and under-performing websites.

Contract Program Management to Support a Project

There are two common employment challenges small to medium-sized businesses face: they don’t have enough staff to plan, execute and oversee a project launch, and they don’t have in-house staff with the highly specialized knowledge necessary to plan, execute and oversee them. As part of Weil & Jones’ Go Live Execution & Program Management, we provide technical support from development phase, leading up to and through a project launch. Our team can handle many technical tasks: front-end work, data integration and migration, server-side programming, API integration into Software as a Service offerings and integration into cloud infrastructure.

We also offer ongoing consulting and technical program management support for all our assessment areas.

After the project launch, your small to medium-sized business can contract our program management staff to provide you with continued technical support and maintenance.

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