Cloud services: its potential is often undersold

What if you could use cloud computing to integrate internal systems, scale marketing programs? or maybe you simply have to move fast on an urgent initiative. And what if you could accomplish all of it cost-effectively, easily, quickly and securely?

This is how we do it!

Idea Development & Insights

Idea Assessment | Idea/Business Model Presentations | Audience Validation/Review | Performance Metrics Reviews | Process Validation 

When you are considering cloud alternatives organizations say to themselves – are we getting a free lunch?  Not exactly but there are definitely strong value propositions that need to be explored and assessed. Our assessments focus on vetting those value propositions that accelerate the achievement of business value.  We explore viable approaches for your organization based on internal and external factors, available resources and potential constraints. Our idea development steps include:

  • Kickoff > Consultative call
  • Identify > Virtual consultations
  • Strategize > Strategic engagements available for in-depth plan development
  • Gather > Business and technical use cases/requirements
  • Understand and decide > Make the most informed decision

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Hypotheses Modeling

Information Architecture | Software, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS selection | Performance Testing

Once requirements have been determined a visual representation is used to enable effective communication between team members and, more importantly, allows for early testing of data-flows, workflows, security and all important elements. End-to-end workflow diagrams of the hypothetical model are the best way to share these insights. We utilize these type of tools to refine the process in the early stages so that sound choices can be made before major tasks are executed. Some of the tasks we perform:

  • RFP support
  • Engineering design and review
  • Cost assessment and benchmarking
  • Contract negotiation - pricing and verbiage

Migration | Integration 

Integration Services: Making it work

Integration is more than blending the old with the new. It's about understanding your current infrastructure and business goals and using this information to customize an integration plan.

Our integration services pro's ensure that all implications of moving to the cloud are anticipated, calculated, and handled.

We understand different legacy technologies require unique integration approaches. That's what we do best.

Cloud enablement services | Cloud migration services | ELT | Integration |  Performance evaluation

Our specialists present a solution that maintains stability, promote a steady state of business operation, and ties directly into existing infrastructure and process. It is important that  your current abilities are extended with features of unlimited scalability, redundancy, flexibility, and control.  Most importantly, this leaves the door open for future initiatives and promotes innovation rather than maintenance.

Migration Services: The critical step

Migration is a critical step in the move to cloud services and it can be the scariest aspect of the cloud. Our migration services professionals help to minimize the risks associated with migration so that assets and workloads are ported efficiently and securely.

Migration strategy consulting includes:

  • Thorough discovery sessions to scope the migration
  • Evaluation of potential impacts on the business
  • Audit and inventory of all effected infrastructure
  • Creation of detailed implementation procedures
  • Post-migration assessment

We offer migration services for:

  • Physical and/or Virtual Server Migration
  • Enterprise Applications Migration
  • Database Migration

Go-Live Execution & Program Management

Go live support | Managed services | Feature additions

Our point people are available to accept support requests through the entire go live process. Client support, migration and integration professionals are on the front lines throughout the go-live process in order to ensure that if disruptions occur - we troubleshoot immediately and address them quickly.

Keeping it productive

Managed services offerings allow you to contract with Weil&Jones to support of your dedicated networks, systems, databases, and select applications—at your place or ours. Our modular approach to system management allows you to select services that best support your organization's individual goals and current capabilities.

  • Scalable Levels of Service
  • Access to Expert Engineers
  • 24x7x365 Remote Hands Capability